Kitchen Fitting Ideas In London

Kitchen Fitting Ideas In London

Kitchen Fitting Ideas London


When it comes to installing Kitchen fittings, we are more than happy to help you with your needs. Having a well-designed kitchen requires you to be thorough with the measurements and have a detailed plan in place. Homeowners with some DIY knowledge and eyes for details can save significant amounts of money installing fittings in their kitchen. However, it is important to hire professionals for the best results. It is important to go through these tips before you start your kitchen fittings installation project.


Choose an efficient design plan

Once you dismantle the old kitchen, examine the kitchen carefully for areas that may require repairs because this could be the only time when certain areas of the kitchen become visible. This also offers you the perfect opportunity to apply a first layer of paint on your kitchen walls. You can apply the final layer of paint once you finish installing cabinets and appliances.


Make sure you have an efficient design plan before you start the kitchen renovation. Visit various home improvement stores and choose the design ideas that you find interesting. Be sure to consider factors like the shape and size of your kitchen, the required number of appliances you plan to have, light positioning, and sink placement. Have an open mind when it comes to the kitchen design and experiment with various combinations, layouts, colors, and finishes before you finally make up your mind about the new kitchen.


Island units

Consider installing an island in your kitchen, especially if you have enough space. An island can give your kitchen extra work space and can easily become the focal point of the kitchen. The island could house various kitchen fittings including cookers, hobs, and sinks.


Combine Units

There are various types of units in different styles and dimensions. This means that it is easier to find the unit that suits your taste. In addition, you can combine units in various configurations to see what works for you.


Accent color

Consider installing units with interchangeable doors because they allow you to customize your kitchen design. Choose bold units and try various accent colors. You can change them in the future if you want to. In addition, include space saving ideas in your kitchen design with clear worktops and tidy drawers and cupboards. Fit pullout shelving and wire racks to your base cabinets to save space in your kitchen. In addition, add an integral swing bin that opens automatically when you open the door.


Consider having modern side-by-side fridge freezers because they provide lots of space for your food and a steady supply of cool water and cubed ice on tap. However, this type of fridge freezers require mains water supply. In addition, install wine cabinets that provide perfect conditions for the storage of both red and white wine. Modern wine cabinets allow you to set the temperature to suit the temperature storage requirements of your wine. Some come with two independent temperature zones.


While installing kitchen fittings, make sure that the dishwasher and washing machine slots are close to the sink. In addition, be sure to have some space for electrical plug points near your appliance slots.

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